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English Speaking Pilates Studio in Barcelona- Estudio Lorna Gil

Lorna Gil started to dance classic ballet at the prestigious ballet school of «María de Avila» in Zaragoza. After living in Germany, she moved to Barcelona in 2000  where she trained Pilates intensively for 4 years.  She was taught in Authentic Pilates Method till her curiosity and eager for more a more knowledge push her to look further, and found  Stott Pilates. A more contemporary approach to the original Pilates method based on modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation. Soon she became a enthusiactic certified instructor.

Pilates has a number of aims and benefits.  It serves to return the tone and shape to the body, improve posture and strength, increase flexibility and improve breathing.  It is a way to relax, de-stress and refresh yourself, at the same time reducing back pain and muscle discomfort.

More than just a way to get fit, Pilates is a very precise and intelligent system of exercise, which works around the key message of quality, not quantity.   It is a way to understand the functioning of the body that gives you the tools to enhance your alignment, appearance and wellbeing.  Many clients develop a lifelong passion for Pilates after seeing the results they achieve.

Pilates can also help maintain muscle strength during and after pregnancy.  Pregnant women come into the studio in order to tone their muscles and flex their joints, which allows them to recover their former figure much sooner after giving birth.

The «Estudio Lorna Gil» caters to various special requirements.  They offer, pelvic floor recovery through Gimnasia Hipopresiva. And more advanced programs like Scolio-pilates for spines with curves, and the ´Pink Ribbon´ program, for post-operative breast cancer rehabilitation.

At the Studio you will love the exclusive way to include new technics like Magic Flexibility in your Pilates sessions. More powerful than Yoga, magic flexibility  will change your way of thinking about stretching. As many others you will be hook by this easy an effectively technic that work wonders also in posture, pain and muscle discomfort.

At the Estudio Lorna Gil, you will always do your sessions on the Pilates Machines either on groups (5 p. max) or privately.

Ask for  a first trial class with 50% discount here.

You are definitely going to love your workout and your body from now on!


Lorna Gil

Ballet y pilates terapeutico

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  1. Margot Parousi

    Dear mrs. Gil
    After graduating from the National Dance Academy of Tallinn in Estonia in 2020, I had the good fortune to find a job as a trainee at the ballet de Barcelona and to continue in this difficult time to be in a position to dance.
    I would like to be informed about pilates classes.
    Individual and in groups, but mainly in a machine.
    Margot Parousi

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